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Organization Committee

Meet the organizing committee of the WBS innovation challenge, with diverse backgrounds. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Sharjeel Ahmad

Sharjeel has worked across several verticals within the healthcare space including hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare technology. He is interested in healthcare transformation through digitalization, innovation, and analytics.

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Neha Aggarwal

Prior to her MBA, Neha worked as a ‘Deputy Manager’ at a UK based outsourcing firm, serving top Pharmaceutical giants. With more than 8 years of experience, she specializes in Pharmacovigilance driving patient care for pharmaceutical products.

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Sarah Tseng

Sarah has worked in life science sector as a Product Manager before her MBA. Previous experiences include sales & marketing strategy and technical support for top brands in Taiwan.

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Eduard Stuparu

Eduard has worked as an NHS Senior Administrator for the past 3 years and has an academic background in Biomedical Sciences. Previous experience includes sales and customer experience roles with top brands and universities in the UK.

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Ya (Cecilia) Ji

Prior to the MBA, Cecilia was an entrepreneur and running an one-stop postpartum caring centre in China. She specializes in healthcare institute management and star-up business development.

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