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Publications of ISM group members


Our material is published in a variety of academic and professional journals, books and other outlets. For a detailed list of publications you can check the relevant sections of this web page.

Please feel free to conact the authors if you are interested in a specific publication.

John (Joao) Baptista

  • Subramaniam, N., Nandhakumar, J. and Baptista, J.. "Exploring social network interactions in Enterprise Systems: the role of virtual co-presence"
    Information Systems Journal 23 (2013).

Panos Constantinides

  • Antonis Kaniadakis, Panos Constantinides. "Innovating financial information infrastructures: the transition of legacy assets to the securitization market" Journal of the Association of Information Systems (JAIS) 15 (2014).
  • Panos Constantinides. "The Failure of Foresight in Crisis Management: a Secondary Analysis of the Mari Disaster" Technological Forecasting and Social Change 80 (2013): 1657-1673.
  • Panos Constantinides. "The Communicative Constitution of IT Innovation" Information and Organization 23 (2013): 215-232.
  • Panos Constantinides, Michael Barrett. "A Narrative Networks Approach to Understanding Coordination Practices in Emergency Response".

Emmanouil Gkeredakis

Journal Articles

  • Gkeredakis, E.. "The constitutive role of conventions in accomplishing coordination: insights from a complex contract award project." Organization Studies 35 (2014): 1473-1505.
  • Taylor-Phillips, Sian, Clarke, Aileen, Grove, Amy L., Swan, Jacky, Parsons, Helen, Gkeredakis, Emmanouil, Mills, Penny, Powell, John, Nicolini, Davide, Roginski, Claudia and Scarbrough, Harry.. "Coproduction in commissioning decisions: is there an association with decision satisfaction for commissioners working in the NHS? A cross-sectional survey 2010/2011" BMJ Open 4 (2014): e004810.
  • Clarke, A., S. Taylor-Phillips, J. Swan, Gkeredakis, E., P. Mills, J. Powell, D. Nicolini, C. Roginski, H. Scarbrough, A. Grove. "Evidence-based commissioning in the English NHS: who uses which sources of evidence? A survey 2010/2011" BMJ Open 3 (2013)
  • Gkeredakis, Emmanouil (leading author), Jacky Swan, Aileen Clarke, John Powell, Davide Nicolini, Harry Scarbrough, Claudia Roginski & Sian Taylor-Phillips. "Mind the Gap: Understanding Utilisation of Evidence and Policy in Healthcare Management Practice" Journal of Health Organisation and Management 25 (2011): 298-314.

Book Chapters

  • Gkeredakis, E.,Nicolini, D. and J. Swan. "Moral judgements as organizational accomplishments: insights from a focused ethnography in the English healthcare sector" Francois Cooren, Ann Langley, Hari Tsoukas, Eero Vaara, Language and communication at work: Discourse, Narrativity, and Organizing, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2014)

Ola Henfridsson

  • Henfridsson, O. Mathiassen, L. Svahn, F.. "Managing Techological Change in the Digital Age: The Role of Architectural Frames" Journal Of Information Technology 29 (2014): 27-43.
  • Cecez-Kecmanovic, D., Galliers, R. D., Henfridsson, O., Newell, S., Vidgen, R.. "Editorial: The Sociomateriality of Information Systems: Current Status, Future Directions" MIS Quarterly 38 (2014): 809-830.
  • Henfridsson, O Lind, M. "IS Strategizing, Organizational Sub-Communities, and the Emergence of a Sustainability Strategy" Journal of Strategic Information Systems 23 (2014): 11-28.
  • Henfridsson, O. Yoo, Y. "The Liminality of Trajectory Shifts in Institutional Entreprenurship" Organization Science 25 (2014): 932-950.
  • Krasnova, Hanna , Henfridsson, Ola, Riemenschneider, Cindy , Schäfer, Kerstin , Trkman, Peter , Veltri, Natasha F. and Whitley, Edgar A. .. "Panel report ECIS 2012: publication strategy for junior researchers: quantity vs. quality, importance of the first authorship and collaboration." Communications of the Association for Information Systems 34 (2014).
  • Selander, L Henfridsson, O. Svahn, F.. "Capability Search and Redeem across Digital Ecosystems" Journal Of Information Technology 28 (2013): 183-197.
  • Henfridsson, O. Bygstad, B.. "The Generative Mechanisms of Digital Infrastructure Evolution" MIS Quarterly 37 (2013): 907-931.
  • Rossi, M. Henfridsson, O. Lyytinen, K., Siau, K. "Research Commentary: Design Science Research: The Road Traveled and the Road That Lies Ahead JOURNAL OF DATABASE MANAGEMENT" 24 (2013): 1-8.
  • Ghazawneh, A. Henfridsson, O. "Balancing Platform Control and External Contribution in Third-party Development: The Boundary Resources Model" Information Systems Journal 23 (2013): 173-192.

Jimmy Huang

  • Huang, J., Newell, S., Huang, JS. and Pan, SL.. "Site-shifting as the Source of Ambidexterity: The Strategy-as-Practice Perspective" Journal of Strategic Information Systems forthcoming (2014).
  • Huang, J.; Baptista, J.; Galliers, R. D.. "Reconceptualizing rhetorical practices in organizations: The impact of social media on internal communications" Information And Management 50 (2013): 112-124.
  • Huang, J. and Martin-Taylor, M.. "Turnaround User Acceptance in the Context of HR Self-service Technology Implementation: An Action Research Approach" International Journal Of Human Resource Management 24 (2013.)
  • Tansley, C.; Huang, J. and Foster, C.. "Identity ambiguity and the promises of hybrid e-HRM project teams" Journal of Strategic Information Systems 22 (2013): 208-224.

Natalia Levina

  • Birks, D.F., Walter Fernandez, Natalia Levina, and Syed Nasirin. "Grounded theory method in Information Systems research: Its nature, diversity, and opportunities", European Journal Of Information Systems (2013).

Joe Nandhakumar

  • Nandhakumar, J., Panourgias, N. and Scarbrough, H.. "From knowing it to ‘getting it’: Envisioning practices in computer games development" Information Systems Research 24 (2013): 933-955.
  • Panourgias, N., Nandhakumar, J., and Scarbrough, H.. "Entanglements of creative agency and digital technology: a sociomaterial study of computer games development" Technological Forecasting and Social Change (2013).
  • Subramaniam, N, Nandhakumar, J. and Baptista, J.. "Exploring social network interactions in enterprise systems: the role of virtual co-presence" Information Systems Journal 23 (2013).

Markos Zachariadis

Journal Articles

  • Zachariadis, Markos, Oborn, E., Barrett, M., & Zollinger-Read, P.. "Leadership of healthcare commissioning networks in England: a mixed-methods study on clinical commissioning groups" BMJ Open 3 (2013): e002112.
  • Zachariadis, Markos, Scott, S., & Barrett, M.. "Methodological Implications of Critical Realism for Mixed-Methods Research" MIS Quarterly 37 (2013): 855-879.
  • Scott, S., Zachariadis, Markos. "Origins and development of SWIFT, 1973–2009" Business History 52 (2012): 462-483.


  • Scott, S., Zachariadis, Markos. "The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT): Cooperative governance for network innovation, standards, and community." London: Routledge (Global Institutions Series) (2013)

Book Chapters

  • Miani, C., Zachariadis, Markos, Oborn, E., & Barrett, M.. "Knowledge and collaboration in multi-hub networks: orchestration processes among clinical commissioning groups in the UK" Knowledge Management Handbook: Collaboration and social networking (2012), Chapter 2.