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Council Tax for Students

For council tax purpose, a person is a student if they are:

Attending a university or college course which lasts for at least 24 weeks a year and involves at least 21 hours of attended study a week during term time

In a property where one resident is a non student, regardless of the number of students who also live there, the non student will be solely liable for payment of 75% of the whole charge. If there are 2 or more non students then they will be jointly and severally liable for the full charge. The students will be disregarded for council tax purposes.

You can find out more information or contact your local council via the following:

For Warwick District Council:

 Website: Click hereLink opens in a new window 

 Telephone:01926 456760

For Coventry City Council:

 Website: opens in a new window

 Telephone:024 7683 1111


The University provides Coventry City Council and Warwick District Council (covering Leamington Spa and Kenilworth) lists of registered students each November.

Students registered in other boroughs may be asked to submit a Certificate of Student Status. You can find instructions on how to download this here.Link opens in a new window

Whilst on temporary withdrawal you will still be exempt from paying Council Tax.

Please note that individuals who are "writing up" may be liable to pay Council Tax and should seek further guidance from the SU Advice Centre. Link opens in a new windowYou can also view full guidance on Council Tax from the SU here. Link opens in a new window