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Service Design

As described in the "Background" section, the Student Module Feedback Service is designed to support the University's aims to support Departments in their module evaluation practices. We did a light touch options appraisal to select an approach for the first few years of service.

The proposal is to provide a "Minimal Viable Service" with modest set-up and provision costs, with room for the University to mature its approach to module evaluation.

This is the overall workflow of student module feedback surveys:

module evaluation workflow

We have decided to manage DESIGN and RUN SURVEY in Moodle VLE, with basic self-service reporting.

To enable the aggregation and archiving of data, for ANALSIS & ACTION we will also enhance an existing database that has so far been used for paper-based module evaluation, and to design workflows to support the transfer of data from Moodle VLE to the Database. The solution does not support all aspects of this stage of the workflow: there is significant diversity of practice in the analysis stage so it would be very difficult to design a solution to fit.

Here is the Minimal Viable Service design for Student Module Feedback:

minimal viable service for student module feedback

Work is underway to refine each of these steps so that we can provide an effective service.

When a timeline and support are available we will publish them on these project pages.

We are also looking at potential enhancements to the minimal viable service. Each enhancement would need scoping and evaluating for cost/benefits. For reference, these are the enhancements, but none of them are committed to at this stage:

potential enhancements

It is possible that as practices mature, SLEEC might we request that we revisit requirements and do a new options analysis.