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Recipes for teaching

Recipes offer ideas to overcome some of the challenges that face academics in core areas of teaching and learning using technology.

We have compiled a long list of useful methods that you can use for teaching with technology. Each of these is written-up in the form of a "recipe", so that you can quickly get an idea of what each method does, what is involved in implementing it, and how you might customise it to suit your needs. In some cases you can use a recipe right away, in other cases you may need to get further information, training, and access to software and hardware (links are provided in the recipes). Click on a title to read the recipe.

New or Updated Recipes for 2021

Design & develop teaching

Teach in-class or online

Support student learning and projects

Assessment, feedback, and module review

Other ways to find the right recipe for you

The recipes also appear in pre-filtered lists under each of our Extended Classroom (EC) sections. The EC toolset is a series of technologies that can be used to facilitate and promote good teaching practices and extend your teaching and the learning experience for students beyond the confines of standard teaching spaces in-class and online.

The recipes on our site are not an exhaustive list. We welcome new examples from members of the teaching and learning community; and if you have used a recipe, let us know via our feedback form.