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Landlords fees

Landlord charges

Scale of Charges during Standard Period*

1-8 beds

£200+vat (Min. Fee)

9-12 beds

£200+£25 per bed over 8 +vat

13+ beds

£300+£10 per bed over 12 +vat

*“Standard Period” runs from 1 October to 30 September the following year; 12 months.

Please note: the price remains the same, regardless of when during the standard period the landlord chooses to advertise.

We do not allow letting agencies to advertise, or to display their contact details on landlord adverts. However, if landlords use a managing agent, we do allow landlords to refer potential tenants themselves.

Extra service

“Featured Property” £50pw + VAT extra. Any four properties can be featured at once.

This will allow you to prominently present your property and boost your advertising capability on the site. Properties will still adhere to our Landlord, and Student Terms and Conditions. If you require this service please email us once your listing has gone live.

Advertising duration

Scale of Charges apply only once during the Standard Period (1 October to 30 September), and is per property. This is regardless of how many times a landlord advertises, lets, and re-advertises their property within the Standard Period..

Our students search for off campus accommodation a year in advance (students tend to search and reserve their off campus accommodation normally between November-March, for tenancies to start August/September of that year).