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Sea Fan by Abigail McLellan

Sea Fan by Abigail McLellan
Accession Code: wu0921
: Sea Fan
Date completed
: 2007
: Sculpture
: Painted Bronze
Width (mm): 140mm
Depth (mm): 70mm
Location Name: Humanities Building
Location Description:
Location Floor: 

Donated by the Estate of Margaret Whitford

Following the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, McLellan began exploring various new techniques such as painting using stencils made by converting digital images of her earlier paintings as well as experimenting with bronze casting. The combination of these techniques was used most successfully in the reworking of her distinctive sea fan imagery as bronze sculptures which subtly imply the underwater movement of these delicate organisms. The first of these was editioned in 2005 and further editions were made over the next few years with variations in size and style.