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Arrival by Albert Irvin

Arrival by Albert Irvin
Accession Code: wu1001
: Arrival
Date completed
: 1989
: Painting
: Acrylic on canvas
Width (mm): 1829
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Chemistry
Location Description:
Location Floor: 1

Arrival is a powerful example of Irvin’s exuberant use of paint and energetic mark-making and it reflects his stated thesis that: 'My paintings are not in any sense depictions of anything: I like to think that rather than being pictures of the world, they are pictures about it'.

The title is ambiguous, not prompted in this case by a location; it it is possibly an improvisation on something recently experienced. He often made an analogy between music and painting and believed that, like music, painting can express what it feels like to be human.

Gifted to the University Art Collection by Oliver Prenn