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Constable Willow 2 by Andrew Carter

Constable Willow 2 by Andrew Carter
Accession Code: WU1022
: Constable Willow 2
Date completed
: 2015
: Prints
: 6 colour screenprint
Width (mm): 940
Depth (mm):
Location Name: The Oculus
Location Description: Open area
Location Floor: 1

© Courtesy the artist and Jealous Gallery

Carter's ideas come from looking at the environment around him. In this case a Willow tree from Flatford Mill, where Constable drew and painted, hence the title. Carter likes the idea that Constable may have painted this tree in particular and that it may have been the inspiration for and subject of many other artists’ work.

Starting with a photograph of the tree, Carter traces and then transfers the image to a block where he begins the careful cutting away of negative space, changing and adapting the image to produce the look he requires. This lino or wood cut is then transferred to a film to be used in the screenprint. Using a relief printing technique to produce the image for the screenprints takes what is ordinarily one of the faster printmaking methods and slows it down. Cutting the block for this tree alone took 30 to 40 hours and it is this process that he particularly enjoys. Decisions must then be made about the combination of the silhouette with shape and colour.