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Beneath The Tree by Andrzej Jackowski

Beneath The Tree by Andrzej Jackowski
Accession Code: wu0746
Title: Beneath The Tree
Date completed: 1994
Medium: Painting
Location Name: Picture Store
Location Description:

© Courtesy of the artist

This large, sombre painting contains elements which appear in several other works: a lonely figure standing by a table on which with various items are placed. In Beneath the Tree the items are a small coffin and some fruit, there are two felled fir trees leaning against one end of the table. These symbols doubtless refer to Jackowski’s childhood memories as a refugee.

He has described his work as follows: "For some years now I have been concerned to articulate through my paintings the inner life, to evoke reverie and to find significant images. The work moves and animates somewhere between a kind of vigilant dreaming and being wide-awake….. It took me several years to find these powerful, insistent and significant images which derive from the cellars of the human memory and psyche, both my own and something more collective. These images are poetic metaphors of something real, intimate and mysterious in our lives."