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Gorbio - Alpes Maritimes by Anne Redpath

Gorbio - Alpes Maritimes by Anne Redpath
Accession Code: wu0380w
Title: Gorbio - Alpes Maritimes
Date completed:
Medium: Painting
Location Name: Westwood Teaching Centre
Location Description:
Location Floor:

© the Artist’s Estate. All Rights Reserved 2019/ Bridgeman Images

Anne Redpath was born in Galashiels and trained in Edinburgh. In 1919 she won a travelling scholarship and visited Europe. Subsequently she spent 10 years living in France before returning to Scotland in 1934. This experience exposed her to a range of artists known for their work in colour from the Scottish artists Fergusson, Peploe, Cadell and Hunter to the French artists Matisse and Derain. She too is identified as a Scottish Colourist.

Her work is characterised by its thick application and the jewel-like flashes of colour. It is always noted that she was the daughter of a tweed designer and her textures have something of this quality.