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Missing Lebanese Wars AB65 by The Atlas Group

Missing Lebanese Wars AB65 by The Atlas Group 
Accession Code: wu0854
: Missing Lebanese Wars AB65
Date completed
: 1996 - 2002
: Prints
: Print
Width (mm): 1290mm
Depth (mm):
Location Name : Picture Store
Location Description:
Location Floor:

© of the artist, courtesy Anthony Reynolds Gallery.

Missing Lebanese Wars is a fictitious work which documents the attendance of Lebanese historians of differing religious and political beliefs at the races and the betting which took place. The historians would make bets not on the outcome of the race but on the time it would take for the official race photographer to expose the image of the winning horse once it had passed the winning post. Thus each bet would consist of a time which hoped to correspond with the photographer's delay in taking the shot. Betting was so intense that historians would even bribe the photographer to take a particular length of time.