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Scarman House by Bettina Furnée

Scarman House by Bettina Furnée
Accession Code: wu0754
Title: Scarman House
Date completed: 1997
Medium: Sculpture
Location Description: External
In 1994, it was decided that the north facing grass slope at the entrance to Scarman House should be turned into more of a feature that could offer visitors a sense of arrival.

The artist Susan Tebby designed a series of trellises which were planted with a series of shrubs selected for their colour, foliage and scent. Bettina Furnee was asked to make another slate plaque, following on from her plaque commemorating the opening of the building which is installed in the entrance.

The letter forms of this plaque reflect some of the formality of the planting although the join of the CA gives it an additional sense of movement.