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Made up Lovesong, Part 10 by Bettina Von Zwehl

Made up Lovesong, Part 10 by Bettina Von Zwehl
Accession Code: WU1044
: Made up Lovesong, Part 10
Date completed
: 2011
: Photograph
: C-Type Print
(mm): 165

Width (mm): 165
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Picture Store
Location Description:
Location Floor: 

Golder-Thompson Gift, dedicated to Rebecca Hicks and Nicola Shane.

This photograph is from a series of miniature profile studies; its title is Made Up Love Song and was the outcome of numerous meetings between the artist and the subject, Sophia, over a six-month period. The purpose was to create a close and mutually trusting relationship which could be captured in the photographs taken for the finished work. von Zwehl seeks to give the viewer a sense of intimacy, using a simple composition, a neutral background and a single light source. In previous eras framed miniature paintings were given as portable love tokens, an idea hinted at here in the title.