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Gallowgate IV by Bruce Russell

Gallowgate IV by Bruce Russell
Accession Code: wu0774
Title: Gallowgate IV
Date completed: 1977
Medium: Painting
Location Name: Social Sciences
Location Description: Politics & Sociology
Location Floor:

The artist, Ivon Hitchens, made the following comment in 1956: 'In a good painting one should get pleasure from the paint - the weight of the paint, the thickness and thinness of paint, the relation of paint to the primed canvas, the texture of paint (smooth or scumbled, dry or fluid), the weight and direction of the brush stroke, the relationship of colours and the balance of colour areas.'

Russell has used a variety of different weights and textures on the surface of the work. The diagonal shape of the canvases adds to the impact of the works. Two other canvases in the University Collection, by Jeremy Moon and Harold Cohen , are also diagonal in shape.