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Exposed Painting Zinc Yellow 1996 by Callum Innes

Exposed Painting Zinc Yellow 1996 by Callum Innes
Accession Code: wu0738
Title: Exposed Painting Zinc Yellow 1996
Date completed: 1996
Medium: Painting
Location Name: Destroyed
Location Description:
Location Floor:


Callum Innes is one of Britain's leading abstract painters and this work is one of his 'exposed paintings' series. Exposed Painting Zinc Yellow is divided horizontally and vertically into different areas. The artist has left one area of the canvas exposed and covered another in a flat, even layer of bright yellow paint. In the rest of the canvas, Innes has applied the same pigment and then removed it from the surface whilst still wet, washing it away with turpentine to leave ghostly vestiges of the original colour (he describes this process as 'unpainting'). This creates a sensitive image, with subtle contrasts of colour and paint surface. Callum Innes' work method is a balance between control and the unpredictable results of removing paint from the canvas, his approach could be called 'deliberately accidental'.

In 2017 this work was damaged beyond repair. In consultation with the artist and the university insurers, a decision was taken to destroy it.