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Cinema: Regal, 2001 by Catherine Yass

Cinema: Regal, 2001 by Catherine Yass
Accession Code: wu0790
Title: Cinema: Regal, 2001
Date completed: 2001
Medium: Photograph
Location Name: International Manufacturing Centre
Location Description:
Location Floor: 2

Among her photographic work on 'psychological space' Catherine Yass has made several studies of cinema interiors which she always photographs empty to evoke 'an impression of anticipated action'.

A key feature of Yass' work is the heightened colour with which she invests her subjects. This is achieved through a technique in which she photographs the image twice, the first shot is a normal transparency while the second is processed as a negative. The two are sandwiched together and mounted in a light-box to create a vivid but distorted version of the original which dramatises its essential characteristics.