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Lost Heap by Clare Woods

Lost Heap by Clare Woods 
Accession Code: wu0903
: Lost Heap
Date completed
: 2010
: Painting
: Oil and Enamel on Aluminium
Width (mm): 1825
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Social Sciences Building
Location Description: Stairwell
Location Floor:

© the artist; Courtesy, Stuart Shave / Modern Art, London

Clare Woods has received considerable acclaim for her large-scale landscape-inspired works painted in oil and enamel on an aluminium ground. Her paintings, however, do not evoke picturesque or lyrical interpretations which have typified traditional approaches to landscape in British art, she is drawn to neglected, scruffy and overgrown patches of the natural world, to choked pools and dark undergrowth. There is a feeling of threat and haunting in these images, yet the use of striking colours and the lively quality of the gloss paint produce images which are both evocative and enchanting.

In the film at the bottom of this page Clare talks about her recent exhibition at the Mead Gallery and her practice.