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Self Portrait in Best Dress by Diane Ibbotson

Self Portrait by Diane Ibbotson
Accession Code: wu0414w
Title: Self Portrait in Best Dress
Date completed: 1970
Medium: Painting
Location Description: Westwood Teaching Centre
Location Floor: 0

This self-portrait was purchased from the Royal Academy Schools exhibition in 1970. Ibbotson returned to this theme when, from 1975 - 1977, she painted a series of self-portraits.

Her outdoor views similarly have a remarkable clarity, containing precise and accurate details. In the 1980s she painted an extensive series of studies in a council estate near her Falmouth home which are intensely atmospheric - rather like the paintings made more recently by George Shaw. (See Scenes from the Passion: the Swing by George Shaw in the Warwick University collection, wu0816.)