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Bash by Eduardo Paolozzi

Bash by Eduardo Paolozzi
Accession Code: wu0141w
Title: Bash
Date completed: 1971
Medium: Prints
Location Name: Social Sciences
Location Description: Faculty of Social Sciences
Location Floor: 1

© The Paolozzi Foundation, Licensed by DACS 2021
Born in Edinburgh, Paolozzi has achieved international acclaim. In the 1950s he became fascinated by popular culture and was a member of the Independent Group. This group, regarded as the founders of the Pop Art movement in the UK met on a regular basis between 1952 and 1955. They discussed a range of topics including new technology, popular culture and the mass media. Throughout his life Paolozzi collected material: extracts from magazines, newspapers, cartoons and labels. He used these fragments to create 'collage-like' images such as this print. "All human experience is one big collage". Elements in this print recur throughout Paolozzi's work, like robots, rockets, celebrities and toys. The combination of these motives create chaotic and energetic urban landscapes, inhabited by creatures recalling Science Fiction books and films. Through this Bash presents us with his imaginative vision of the future, our present.