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Tracks and Groynes, Winchelsea Beach by Fay Godwin

Tracks and Groynes, Winchelsea Beach by Fay Godwin
Accession Code: wu0666
Title: Tracks and Groynes, Winchelsea Beach.
Date completed: 1991
Medium: Photograph
Material: Photograph, silver gelatin
Location Name: Picture Store
Location Description:

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Godwin is interested in the history of the British landscape, particularly its usage over the centuries. She explores how human action has changed the land using images of the coastline, ancient roadways and stone circles, in which she takes familiar features from the past and present inviting us to look more closely. She took a series of photographs of the Kentish coastline in 1983 called The Saxon Shore Way which runs from Gravesend to Rye, in which she registered how the coastline really looks. Her photographs are not simply documentary but are instilled with meanings, concerned with the edge between the wild and the habitable.