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Kiss by Francis Morland

Kiss by Francis Morland
Accession Code: wu0137
Title: Kiss
Date completed: 1965
Medium: Sculpture
Location Name: Zeeman Building
Location Floor:


Morland made several versions of Kiss, painted in different colours. The version in the Warwick collection was purchased from the Whitechapel Gallery 'New Generation' exhibition in 1966; another version painted in two shades of pink is in the Leeds Art Gallery collection.

Robert Hughes in his introduction to the work in The New Generation catalogue wrote of Morland's work: 'the basic formal unit of his sculptures is a convoluted tube or cylinder, about a foot in diameter - An interest in sliced solids and conic sections has led to The Kiss, two inter-twined tubes, one running into the earth, the other resting lightly on it, which terminate in brilliant orange plane faces. Slicing the twisted spiral at the point Morland chose has produced a three lobed form which resembles a mouth; and the grip and thrust of the embracing strands of the massive spiral is that rarity among post-Caro images, a specifically erotic metaphor'.