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Swim, Autumn 1986 by Garry Fabian Miller

Swim, Autumn 1986 by Garry Fabian Miller
Accession Code: wu0676
Title: Swim, Autumn 1986.
Date completed: 1986
Medium: Prints
Location Name: University House

Garry Fabian Miller's main source of inspiration is the landscape, both the locality where he lives in Dartmoor and his own garden. The cultivation and tending of his garden is part of the process of the production of his work, it is there that he gains his ideas. Using the medium of photography Fabian Miller considers flowers and plants in isolation, capturing the simplicity and purity of their natural forms. Through his work he seeks to remind us of our relationship to the environment and creation.

He describes his photographs as being about light. He says that the ingredients of his work are:

"The light, the gathered plant and a retaining paper containing the natural form as a light deposit, a radiant fossil."