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Metamorphosis by Gavin Turk

Metamorphosis by Gavin Turk
Accession Code: wu0966
: Metamorphosis
Date completed
: 2000
: Prints
: Offset Litho
Width (mm): 400
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Picture Store
Location Description:
Location Floor: 

© courtesy of the artist.
From ‘Bugs – the Print Portfolio’ 2000

Gavin Turk’s choice of a subject on the theme of ‘bugs’ uses a literary source: Franz Kafka’s grim novella ‘Metamorphosis’ in which an unfulfilled travelling salesman wakes one morning to find himself changed into a repulsive insect-like creature. Without explaining the reasons for the transformation, the story recounts how the man and his family struggle to adjust to the awful mutation. The anthropomorphic image in Turk’s lithograph shows a defiant and menacing creature, more unsettling than any of the others in the Bugs portfolio.

The ten works which comprise Bugs – the Print Portfolio were generously donated by the artists for publication by the Byam Shaw School of Art in London to use as a means of raising funds for post-graduate scholarships. The series was produced in 2000 in an edition of 90.