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Chalford Valley by Gerald Cox

Chalford Valley by Gerald Cox
Accession Code: wu0392w
Title: Chalford Valley
Date completed: 1973
Medium: Drawing
Location Name: Picture Store
Location Description:

The Chalford Valley lies a few miles east of Stroud in Gloucestershire.

This drawing follows in a long tradition of topographical studies of well known landmarks, beauty spots and settlements. Although the drawing was made in 1971, there is nothing to indicate any particular period - no vehicles, television ariels or shop liveries. The focus of the drawing is the street that winds through the village. Alongside, the houses are clearly drawn but the areas outside this central focus are evoked rather than portrayed with strokes of colour wash.

It is possible that the drawing was made in situ, possibly in preparation for another painting. However, the careful composition and the movement from detail in the centre of the picture to soft impressions at the edges would suggest that it itself could have been developed in the studio from drawings or photographs made at the site.