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The Fragile Feast, Soy by Hannah Collins

The Fragile Feast, Soy by Hannah Collins
Accession Code: WU1026
: The Fragile Feast, Soy
Date completed
: 2011
: Photograph
: C-Print
Width (mm):1300
Depth (mm):
Location Name: The Faculty of Arts Building
Location Description:
Location Floor: 3

© Hannah Collins

This print is part of a project called The Fragile Feast. It was carried out in collaboration with Ferran Adrià, the founder of the Spanish ground-breaking restaurant el Bulli. Adrià selected thirty ingredients which he considered the most significant in the el Bulli menu. Collins was then tasked with tracking each ingredient to its origin and making an image; some are of the ingredient itself, the location or landscape of its production, or in this case a historical document, a carefully preserved 17th century handmade book.

The book is a treasured possession of the Okada family, keepers of the Kamebishi-Ya soy processing company, one of the oldest in Japan. Their soya sauce is produced using traditional methods and processes.