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Untitled, August 2006 by Hannah Starkey

Untitled, August 2006 by Hannah Starkey 
Accession Code: WU0914
: Untitled, August 2006
Date completed
: 2006
: Photography
: C type print
Width (mm): 1630
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Scarman House
Location Description: Stairwell
Location Floor: 0/1

Untitled, August 2006 appears to be a fortuitous moment captured by chance, but like Starkey’s other works it is staged, using actors and willing members of the general public. Like many of the works in this series the image appears to portray a moment when time is suspended, the women in the photograph are caught unaware, oblivious to the presence of the photographer. The viewer becomes a voyeur intruding on the subjects caught often in what seems to be a state of melancholy or boredom. Any elements which would provide information about the location and set the context for the scene are missing and viewers thus thwarted in their attempts to understand the narrative are forced to create their own.

This work is part of a series of Untitled works begun in 1997. It was included in the exhibition Twenty Nine Pictures held at the Mead in 2011, Starkey’s largest solo show in a decade.