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Oyster Boats by (Henry) Charles Bartlett

Oyster Boats by (Henry) Charles Bartlett
Accession Code: wu0348w
Title: Oyster Boats
Date completed:
Medium: Prints
Location Name: University House
Location Description:
Location Floor: 1

In Oyster Boats Bartlett has taken a scene, observed from life, and simplified it into simple lines, shapes and a limited palette of colours.

Etching and aquatint are both known as 'intaglio' printmaking processes in which designs are cut into metal plates by using different resistant grounds and acid. Ink sits in the acid etched cuts and is forced out by the pressure of a press to create the printed image on paper. Etching produces lines whereas aquatint produces areas of tone. The processes may be used in combination on the same plate and manipulated to give a subtle range of marks and effects with different qualities of line and tone.