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Fish Wharf / 9 by H J Jackson

 Fish Wharf / 9 by H J Jackson
Accession Code: wu0388w
Title: Fish Wharf / 9
Date completed: 1975
Medium: Print
Location Name: University House
Location Description:

Throughout his career Jackson has specialised in linocuts, one of the simpler techniques of relief printing but used by many artists during the twentieth century, including Matisse and Picasso and popular among British artists in the post-war years. It does not permit the degree of precision of methods like engraving or woodcut but subtle and sophisticated images can be created with the use of multiple plates, inked with different colours and applied in a carefully planned sequence - usually from light to dark areas of colour. Jackson here builds up a convincing picture of fishing boats with their complicated array of rigging and equipment, against the distant row of buildings on the quayside.