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Moo Cow Farm by Hughie O'Donoghue

Moo Cow Farm by Hughie O

Moo Cow Farm arose from O'Donoghue's researches into events and lives of the past. It refers to an intense battle during World War 1; the German forces had established a stronghold at Mouquet Farm in the valley of the Ancre River, a tributary of the Somme. It was attacked by the Australian 2nd Division in August and September 1916 in what turned out to be a chaotic and disastrous assault which resulted in a massive loss of life among the ANZAC troops among whom it was referred to as 'Moo Cow' farm.

Features of the farm and its setting are imagined by O'Donoghue and represented with dark, swirling shapes and a livid sky, evoking the tragedy and drama of the event.


Printed and published by Advanced Graphics London as part of the London Suite II portfolio. Edition of 75.

This work is part of a portfolio of 20 prints produced by Advanced Graphics London in 2012, produced to celebrate 30 years since their first print venture in 1982: The London Suite, prints by ten London-based artists. This second suite includes 20 London artists, including six of the original 1982 contributors and eight RAs, who were all asked to produce screenprints with size being the only constraint. Some works have the addition of woodblock and some have as many as 25 separate printings or layers within the image.