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Traverse Me by Jeremy Wood

Traverse Me by Jeremy Wood
Accession Code: wu0906
: Traverse Me
Date completed
: 2010
: Print
: Screenprint
Width (mm): 505mm
Depth (mm):
Location Name: University House
Location Description:
Location Floor: 1

In early 2010 artist Jeremy Wood was commissioned by the Mead Gallery to map the University campus. He uses GPS technology to create intricate drawings across the real landscape, walking around buildings, following lines on football pitches and making his own images within field boundaries. In a year of exceptional weather, Jeremy walked a total of 238 miles in snow, torrential rain and hot sun to create a map of the University estate.

He stayed in the Maths Houses on Gibbet Hill so the line through Tocil Wood to the Mead Gallery is exceptionally dark since it was walked so many times. As he worked his way across the fields towards Kenilworth he began to “draw” images associated with the University, from its crest, to a mortar board, to a globe in homage to the many “international” centres that he encountered in his journeys. Reported to security several times for walking in “a suspicious manner” around Claycroft and Lakeside residences, he soon disappeared from view, walking the countryside that surrounds the University but which is far removed from central campus.

This limited edition print of Jeremy's tracks, kindly gifted to the University by the artist was screen printed on Somerset Satin White 300gsm paper. Limited to 100 prints in blue and 5 in gold, prints are available for purchase from the Mead Gallery on 024765 22589.