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Study for Barred (I) by John Hilliard

Study for Barred (I) by John Hilliard 
Accession Code: wu0855
: Study for Barred (I)
Date completed
: 1992
: Photograph
: Colour Photograph
Width (mm): 190mm
Depth (mm):
Inscription: 'For Tom Bendhem with many thanks'
Location Name: Picture Store
Location Description:
Location Floor:

Presented by the Contemporary Art Society, 2007, from the Tom Bendhem bequest.

John Hilliard gifted the work to Bendhem in thanks for his participation in the work, he is the figure that we can see standing behind the Venetian blinds. The work is a triple exposure onto a single piece of film. The three points of focus for the work correspond to imagery held at three optical levels, the interior figure, the blinds and the moths. The title Study for Barred (I) refers directly to the Venetian blinds and the effect that they give of the figure being trapped and constrained inside the room whilst the moths are excluded from entering to reach the light.

In this work, created in 1992, Hilliard has brought together both external references and the technical aspects of photography in an intriguing image which leaves us guessing about the narrative of what has gone before and what will come after this moment.