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Ettington Park by John Piper

 Ettington Park by John Piper
Accession Code: wu0161
Title: Ettington Park
Date completed: 1979
Medium: Prints
Location Name: Westwood
Location Description: New Education Building

John Piper became well known as a painter of architecture, romanticised to suggest its place in history. This interest perhaps stemmed from a commission in 1940 from the Recording Britain scheme that employed 97 artists to depict 1,549 heritage sites that might not survive the war or subsequent developments. He accepted numerous commissions and this print is one of a series of eight entitled Victorian Dream Palaces. Ettington Park, near Stratford-on-Avon, was the home of the Shirley family. The present house was rebuilt on foundations of Saxon origin in 1862 to designs by John Shirley.