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Grove Walk by Julia Lohmann

Grove Walk by Julia Lohmann
Accession Code:wu1036
: Grove Walk
Date completed
: 2017
: Installation
: Seaweed and Bamboo

Width (mm):
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Store
Location Description:
Location Floor: 0

In 2017 Julia Lohmann was commissioned to produce a work for the School of Life Sciences. She met with members of the School to discuss how the work would reflect the research that goes on within the building. After a process of consultation, meetings, presentations and email correspondence a proposal was agreed which continued to explore the potential of seaweed as the basis for the artwork. This was to include a range of images taken from research carried out in the School of Life Sciences. The site chosen for the work was the spacious and lightfilled atrium which provided the opportunity for hanging structures made from dried strips of seaweed in frameworks of split bamboo. Magnified images from various animal and plant sources, ranging from whole organisms to subcellular elements, formed the designs which were laser cut into the seaweed strips.