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Boy with Goat by Julian Trevelyan

Boy with Goat by Julian Trevelyan
Accession Code: wu0404w
Title: Boy with Goat
Date completed:
Medium: Prints
Location Name: Westwood
Location Description: Westwood Teaching Centre
Location Floor: 0

© the Artist’s Estate. All Rights Reserved 2019/ Bridgeman Images

As a student in Paris in the 1930s Julian Trevelyan wrote 'to dream is to create'. In 1936 he became a member of the Surrealist Group who drew inspiration from dreams, the subconscious and child art and in later years he declared his religion to be Surrealism.

The style of his work is eclectic from figurative realism to surrealism. Here he has used the colour blue to balance the strong forms of the boy and the goat. Foreign travel opened up to people in the late 1950s and Julian Trevelyan with his wife Mary Fedden, were early and enthusiastic tourists in Greece, Italy, Spain and France.