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Future Library by Katie Paterson

Future Library by Katie Paterson

Photo © Blaise Adilon, 2015

Exhibition view Frac Franche-Comté

Future Library is commissioned and produced by Bj∅rvika Utvikling, managed by the Future Library Trust Supported by the City of Oslo, Agency for Cultural Affairs and Agency for Urban Environment.

This print, published in an edition of 1,000 was created by Paterson on the launch of the Future Library, a conceptual art project conceived in 2014 which will not come to fruition until a hundred years later. It consists of the planting of 1,000 pine trees in the Nordmarka Forest near Oslo and the commissioning of a hundred books from writers around the world, one per year until 2114, at which point the pine trees will be felled to make the paper on which the texts will be printed. The writers chosen for the first two works are Margaret Atwood and David Mitchell, each will be published in an edition of 3,000.

A Trust has been set up to manage the Future Library and is currently selling certificates that entitle each bearer to a complete set of books when the printing has been completed. Very few people alive today will see the outcome of this project.

More news about Future Library can be found on the Future Library website. Future LibraryLink opens in a new window 

A new film documenting Future Library’s journey so far was commissioned for Katie Paterson’s solo exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh. Due to the early closure of the exhibition, the film has been made available to view online at Vimeo here - Future Library: A Century Unfolds.Link opens in a new window