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Shed by Kaye Donachie

Shed by Kaye Donachie

Courtesy the artist and Maureen Paley

Shed was gifted to the University Art Collection by Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, NY.

This is an early work, made the year after Kaye Donachie completed her MA at RCA. Donachie writes,

‘Shed is a painting that forms part of a series of works I made focusing on environments and spaces that exist on periphery of society. ‘At that time, I was also painting images of caravans and tents, all usually lit by moonlight. These spaces conjured up a narrative that felt dreamlike and strange and became a subject where I could describe in the painting ideas and images that dwell on the edges of our consciousness. Alternative communities and the places they inhabit are a constant fascination.

‘Shed’ and other works in the series are an important influence on my current work which re-imagines, through biography and literature, women who have been overlooked or marginalised historically.’