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Days of Judgement, Cat 1 by Laura Ford

Days of Judgement, Cat 1 by Laura Ford
Accession Code: wu1011
: Days of Judgement, Cat 1
Date completed
: 2012
: Sculpture
: Bronze
Width (mm): 2300
Depth (mm): 1000
Location Name: Outside
Location Description:
Location Floor: 

© Laura Ford, Courtesy New Art Centre.

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This sculpture is from 'Days of Judgement', a series of seven cat-like figures that pace or stand still in deep thought. The poses of the group were inspired by the classical figures of Adam and Eve in a fresco by the Rennaissance artist Masaccio 'The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden' painted in 1427. Classical paintings used exaggerated, theatrical poses to convey emotions. The figure has a cat-like head which has been roughly made out of material rather like a mask. Its clothes are finely detailed, down to the pockets and the cuffs of the gloves. The feet are more duck-like while the tail is obviously cast from a tube of fabric, roughly stuffed. It is typical of Ford's careful observation and the imaginative use of animal forms to depict human emotions or social and political themes.