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Days of Judgement, Cat 1 by Laura Ford

Days of Judgement, Cat 1 by Laura Ford
Accession Code: wu1011
: Days of Judgement, Cat 1
Date completed
: 2012
: Sculpture
: Bronze
Width (mm): 2300
Depth (mm): 1000
Location Name: Outside
Location Description:
Location Floor: 

© Laura Ford, Courtesy New Art Centre.

This sculpture is from 'Days of Judgement', a series of seven cat-figures anxiously pacing around, apparently gripped by dejection or remorse. The poses of the group were inspired by the figures of Adam and Eve in a fresco by the Rennaissance artist Masaccio 'The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden' painted in 1427. It is typical of Ford's careful observation and the imaginative use of animal form to depict human emotions or social and political themes.