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Harbour by Laurence Roche

Harbour by Laurence Roche
Accession Code: wu0354w
Title: Harbour
Date completed:
Medium: Drawing
Location Name: Westwood Teaching Centre
Location Description:

In Harbour, Laurence Roche invites the viewer into his painting through the perspective he has used. The large rocks in the foreground appear so close to the viewer that s/he could almost reach out and touch them. The artist has used a variety of brush marks; flat even brushstrokes for the sky; weeps of paint for the rocks in the foreground; squiggles for the rocks and sand in the distance and thin, black lines for the boat. It is a hot, summers day; the sun reflects off the rocks against a clear, blue sky.

There is a feeling of calm in the painting and the absence of human presence concentrates our attention on the stillness of the landscape.