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Double Back Platform by Liam Gillick

Double Back Platform by Liam Gillick
Accession Code: wu0829
Title: Double Back Platform
Date completed: 2001
Medium: Sculpture
Materials: Aluminium, Plexiglass
Location Description: n/a

Presented by the Contemporary Art Society, 2005, purchased with a grant from The Henry Moore Foundation

Gillick's a major solo exhibition, The Wood Way, at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London; Double Back Platform was part of this show.

Gillick's works form a link between art, architecture and sculpture. Double Back Platform hangs from the ceiling and juts out at right angles from the wall, altering the architecture of the space. It casts shadows and the floor is coloured by light filtering through the plexiglass in the frame. Gillick is particularly interested in the way these alterations may in turn affect they way we behave. Words are an important part of Gillick's artistic practice and the titles given to his pieces are carefully thought out and an important part of the creative process. They are often ambiguous, playing with potential meanings. In this case, Double Back could be referring to the act of turning round and retracing ones steps or denoting something which has two backs.

This work was presented to the University of Warwick by the Contemporary Art Society in 2006.

Dr Cath Lambert from the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick uses the Reinvention Centre as a case-study in her article entitled Psycho classrooms: teaching as a work of art. Double Back Platform was located in the Reinvention Centre before its recent move and a brief discussion of the work is consequently included in the article. For those on campus who want to find out more please follow the link to Dr Lambert's article. For those viewing the site off campus the article was included in the Journal, Social and Cultural Geography, Volume 12, No. 1. February 2011.