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Cheval Au Fond Rouge by Marino Marini

Cheval Au Fond Rouge by Marino Marini
Accession Code: wu0020
Title: Cheval Au Fond Rouge
Date completed: 1953
Medium: Prints
Location Name: Social Sciences
Location Description: Law
Location Floor: 2

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Marino Marini was the leading Italian sculptor of his day. He was born in Pistoia, Italy and attended the Academy of Art in Florence where he was impressed by the art of the Renaissance and antiquity.

From 1935 Marini often drew on the theme of the horse and rider which Kandinsky had previously pointed to as representative of spirituality and nobility.

Here Marini has used the theme to show the movement, power and form of a horse. The image has a disturbing quality, the animal's body, defined by angular shapes, is gaunt and contorted.