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Julian's Mug by Mary Fedden

Julian's Mug by Mary Fedden
Accession Code: wu0809
Title: Julian's Mug
Date completed: 1976
Medium: Drawing
Location Name: Scarman House
Location Description: Fine Dining Restaurant

This drawing was donated to the University by the artist in 2003.

It dates from the late 1970s and contains many of the hallmarks of Fedden's art - the combination of landscape with familiar domestic objects, bold patterns and a child-like directness of observation. The mug featured here belonged to her husband Julian Trevelyan who died in 1988; he was an important influence on Fedden's painting and a constant source of support and inspiration. She still lives in the house and studio on the banks of the Thames at Chiswick to which she and Trevelyan moved in 1949.