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Kenka Kisses James Baldwin by Melanie Manchot

Kenka Kisses James Baldwin by Melanie Manchot
Accession Code: wu0783
Title: Kenka Kisses James Baldwin
Date completed: 2000
Medium: Photograph
Location Name: Millburn House
Location Description: Corridor
Location Floor: 0

Melanie Manchot is a German artist living in London who has used video and photography to explore notions of intimacy and gesture as a currency of exchange. This photograph is from a series, The L.A. Pictures, which records the moment of a kiss between partners. The nearest participant has his or her back to the camera so that the couple merge optically to become a single figure.

She asked them to write down the name of the person whom they would most like to kiss and the caption below each photograph indicates the choice of one of the partners. This introduces an element of fantasy and imagination lying beyond the intimate gesture witnessed by the viewer.