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On the Edge of this Immensity by Meryl McMaster

On the Edge of this Immensity by Meryl McMaster
Accession Code: wu1091
: On the Edge of this Immensity
Date completed
: 2019
: Photograph
: Photographic print

Width (mm):
Depth (mm):
Location Name: University House
Location Description: Foyer Corridor
Location Floor: 1

This photograph is from a body of self-portraits called As Immense as the Sky. Each photograph is taken in a location significant to the artist’s ancestors or other indigenous nations, in this case Gore Bay on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. Gore Bay is considered home to the Great Sprit by the Anishnaabe (Ojibway) people. The artist is photographed wearing self-made props and sculptural garments. She aims to reanimate and retell the stories through her own lens.


“Travelling into unknown land – Birds as companions and guides – Retracing ancestral steps – On paths walked many times – Great migrations across land and water – Connecting with kinfolk – On journeys that lead here – Time passes by in cycles – On journeys leading to my being.” Meryl McMaster