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Camouflaged in the Grass by Michael Porter

Camouflaged in the Grass by Michael Porter
Accession Code: wu0648
Title: Camouflaged in the Grass
Date completed: 1991
Medium: Painting
Location Name: Gibbet Hill

Porter was born in Derbyshire and now lives and works in Cornwall. This series of paintings was inspired by the Derbyshire landscape and in particular Birches Wood, Ambergate. His images of fungi and rotting vegetation are observed in great detail. The successive layers of paint and PVA suggest the damp and aromatic woods and, in spite of their scale, contain a strong sense of place.

The exhibition 'Michael Porter : Close to the Ground' was shown at the Mead Gallery in 1992. A series of works have been purchased for a Dining Room at Scarman House.