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The Pier at Bangor by Myrtle J Barter

The Pier at Bangor by Marjorie J Barter
Accession Code: wu0347w
Title: The Pier at Bangor
Date completed: 1970
Medium: Prints
Location Name: Picture Store

Topographical drawing has been an important tradition in English art for over two hundred years. It was originally used as a means of recording sights witnessed by travellers and antiquarians and provided illustrations for books and the burgeoning trade in prints for collectors. Drawing was also a vital part of the training of artists so as well as providing documentary records, they were also exercises in observation and draughtsmanship. Barter's pen and ink study of the pier at Bangor in North Wales falls into this tradition, showing an artist mastering the principles of perspective whilst recording the details of Victorian design in the structure of the pier.