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Time after Time, Blow Up no.12 by Ori Gersht

Time after Time, Blow Up no.12 by Ori Gersht 
Accession Code: wu0902
: Time after Time, Blow Up no.12
Date completed
: 2007
: Photograph
: Lamda print on aluminium
Width (mm): 1000
Depth (mm):
Location Name: Warwick Arts Centre
Location Description:
Location Floor:

© Ori Gersht, courtesy of Mummery + Schnelle

The two works by Gersht in the collection are from a 2007 series of photographic works entitled 'Time after Time'. For this the artist used sophisticated digital technology to capture 1/6000th of a second images of contrived explosions of elaborate flower arrangements. The works refer to the flower studies and vanitas paintings of Fantin-Latour and other European masters of still life painting which contain implied references to death and decay. Gersht brings these themes into a contemporary context, highlighting tensions between creation and destruction, beauty and violence.