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The Warwick Dials by Richard Wentworth

 The Warwick Dials by Richard Wentworth


This work was commissioned for the Warwick Arts Centre in 1999; the artist explained his aim as follows:

“To celebrate the outright victory of analogue over digital time, I propose a solution which simultaneously celebrates the theatricality of the clock face and the semaphore of the hand, but also asks some questions about our habitual perception of this device”.

The passing and recording of time is intrinsic to the Arts Centre; particular times of day signal the start of theatre, dance, music, cinema and gallery events. The audience arrive in advance of their event, they immediately clock into 'Arts Centre time' and then, with ten minutes to spare, buy a coffee, registering each minute that passes before the performance begins.

The Warwick dials encourage visitors to become more conscious of the importance of time and their need to clock-watch in the Arts Centre. Visitors have to work to piece together information provided by each clock face and focus on all three hands equally.