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Composition No.9 by R W Wilcox

Composition No.9 by R W Wilcox
Accession Code: wu0367w
Title: Composition No.9
Date completed: 1966
Medium: Painting
Location Name: Westwood Teaching Centre
Location Description: Open area

'Composition No. 9' by Robert Wilcox is typical of English abstract painting in the 1960s before the impact of American Abstract Expressionism was fully felt. In the previous decade influential pioneers like Victor Pasmore had developed the 'constructionist' form of abstraction characterised by structure and order; mark-making and texture were often prominent features while colour played a relatively minor role. Many of these works made reference to the physical world and were, in effect, abstracted landscapes. This appears to be the case with 'Composition No. 9' in which there is a suggestion of the horizon and the illusion of perspective.