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Bands of Equal Width in Colour 1 by Sol LeWitt

Bands of Equal Width in Colour 1 by Sol LeWitt
Accession Code:wu1034
:Bands of Equal Width in Colour 1
Date completed
: 2000
: Print
: Linocut on paper
(mm): 740

Width (mm): 740
Depth (mm):
Location Name: University House
Location Description:
Location Floor: 

©Courtesy of Bernard Jacobson Gallery

The print is part of a set of 8 linocuts, produced by a master printmaker according to Sol Lewitt’s exacting instructions, measurements and drawings. The linocut technique in this case provides a beautiful textural quality impossible to see in the reproduced image. The purchase of this print was made possible by the sale of donated prints by William Rawlinson through the good offices of the print dealer Elizabeth Harvey-Lee. We felt that since several of Rawlinson’s prints were linocuts, we should acquire a major work in this medium.